Write what you know. That should leave you with a lot of free time.
— Howard Nemerov

I haven’t written in a few days as I’ve found myself at a bit of a roadblock. I’m not exactly lost for topics to write about, it’s actually quite the opposite. Everywhere I go, I get inspiration for something new to write about and it’s amazing. I’ve never felt so great!

Here’s the catch. I want to write something inspirational. I want to write things that people read and think “wow, I want to be like her”, or “man, I never thought about things from that perspective”. I want to be the person who provokes thought and emotion in other people, both known and unknown to me.

Earlier tonight, I was searching for somewhere to start, and ended up watching cat videos on YouTube.. (as it always does).

Eventually I came across the above quote by Howard Nemerov. “Write what you know.” It’s that simple. Those four little words. I can’t write to inspire others. I should to write to inspire myself, and write about the things that inspire me.

That’s what I need to do. I need to keep finding things that keep me interested, and just write. I don’t need the frilly website with the fancy writing and perfect topics that apply to everyone. I need to write what I know. And that’s it.



  1. Hilarious quote! Thanks for that and also for following yes4yes. One of my favorite quotes is: how do I know what think till I write it? Sometimes we just need to write…not from the head but from the body. What needs to be written? What’s pulling you to the page? That authenticity is what often inspires and soothes. I like your shoe shot by the way.

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